Ireland’s home building at 4 year high

There were 11,016 home completions in 2014 which is an increase of 33% from the 8,301 home builds in 2013. Home completions in Ireland for the years 2010 and 2011 were 14,602 and 10,480 respectively which are small numbers compared to the 26,420 home completions in 2009.

2014 home completions consisted of 5,171 (47%) detached houses, 3,595 (33%) semi-detached/terraced houses and 2,250 (20%) apartments.

Paul Melia of the Irish Independent has reported that home building is at an 8 year high- however that is simply not true from even looking at home completions for 2010 as mentioned above. Home completions for 2006 were 93,419 (which were half the amount of completions in the UK) and were 78,027 for 2007 – it will probably decades before home building is needed to be back to 2007 levels.


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